About us

We're Justin and Jen, 20-somethings from Ontario, Canada.

Justin and Jen

In 2011, we purchased our first home and brought it back to life over the 4 years we lived there.

First house

At many points along the way, we declared with no uncertainty that we were never EVER renovating another house. What a lie...and we knew it. Justin is a home renovation contractor, so fixing up houses is kind of...what he does. This isn't everyday DIY - everything is done to a professional standard, and it really shows.

In spring 2015, we bought the blue house and sold our first house. Now we're getting ready to do it all again, but on a larger scale and in a home we plan to live in for a longer period of time.

Picture of the blue house coming soon!

When our house isn't making us crazy we're not working on the house, we enjoy all things outdoors and like to travel as much as we can.

Note: Photo of us on the home page is by Riverstone Photography.