25 November 2015

New floors for everyone!

Not really. Just us. But they are for most of the main floor of the house, so there's that.

When we bought this house I didn't mind the flooring.

Old flooring

Actually, I still don't, but it does creak and squeak, it's in poor shape, and it is dated. Justin hated it. So, out it went. We opted to replace it with a fairly neutral Maple hardwood by Lauzon, a Canadian flooring company. The colour is "Macadamia".

Lauzon Maple "Macadamia" hardwood flooring

It's modern but classic. I absolutely love it!

Before we could install it, the old had to come out. It took about 6 hours to get it all out and into the trailer.

Justin starting demolition

The next thing was screwing the subfloor down. When the house was built, it was just nailed down which is why it squeaked. Once everything was screwed in place, the squeaks were gone and the floor was silent! (Win!)

The hardwood had to acclimate in our home for at least 48 hours before installation, but in the end it sat for almost a week. All 27 boxes. Just chillin in the dining room. This step is important to avoid shrinkage or expansion problems down the road.

All the old flooring out

We started installation on the weekend, and although it hasn't gone totally smoothly, I'm still totally smitten with how things are looking! We have a loooong way to go on this, but I can't wait to show you. 

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