17 November 2015

This explains so much...

The entire time we've lived here, I've thought that the doors and jambs, and some of the trim, looked...sticky. Or something. I can't really describe it, but they just don't look clean even though they are. They photograph fine, but in person, well, it's another story.

A little while ago, I figured out why.

A really ugly door knob

You see, it appears that the doors and jambs, and the trim that hasn't been replaced, were pretty much all originally that gorgeous blue that still adorns our front entry way (for now...). I cannot imagine how many coats of primer and paint it took to cover all that, but it was obviously done a number of years ago since the white is now starting to wear away.

Ugly trim work

With so many layers of paint on them, it's no wonder the doors have an almost "sticky" appearance. Just one more reason I can't wait to replace them (more on that soon)! The brass doorknobs make me twitchy, too.

A brass doorknob on our closet

I could write a novella on the various issues I have with some of the finishing in this house, but the summary is that our beloved blue house has had a number of owners over 25 years who all apparently had very different tastes and very different skill levels when it came to home renovation. As a result, we have different closet pulls in every bedroom, a couple of doorknob styles (which we have only made worse, I admit, by updating the exterior locks), and at least 2 styles of baseboard. I *think* most of our casing is at least sort of the same... but then there's also the issue of colour. Blue, light blue, light green, green, and white. Oh! And dusty rose in the basement! It's everything but professional looking, which is at the core of every renovation we do.

That's all a story for another day though. In the meantime, I'm just going to continue glaring at the brass doorknobs and the peeling white paint around them and count down the days until they hit the dumpster (foreshadowing...).

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