20 November 2015

Updating the spare room

Before all the crazy started, I got the spare room "done for now". And no sooner had I taken the photos did we have all the furniture moved out and our living furniture moved in to make a den of sorts while our living room is out of commission. As soon as the new floors are in, I'll be putting all the furniture back so the work wasn't lost.

Let's start with a before, shall we? Boring beige walls, like everywhere else in the house, a twin bed, and not much else. It needed some TLC.

Before picture

As soon as I had the first coat of paint on, I knew I was in love. It's so warm and rich and darker than I would usually go for. It's Para Lifestyles Film Festival. This room is incredibly bright and I knew it could handle it.

1st coat of paint

The only new thing I purchased for this room was the desk chair, for a total of $3 at the thrift store. I was originally going to paint whatever chair I bought red, but I kinda liked the blue once I got it home. It's in rough shape, but so is the desk that I dug out of my parents storage room. We got a new mattress for our bedroom so we put our old one in here. This room will hopefully be a nursery some day, so there wasn't much point in investing a lot of money in it.

Second bedroom after

Other side of spare room

Chest of drawers beside the bed

Ignore the dust and fingerprints on my laptop in this picture (and the old walnut chair borrowed from the keyboard in the living room). I didn't notice it until I uploaded everything, but I love how the photo shows the light that streams into the room in the afternoon.

Close up desk top

Yep, I think it's all quite an improvement from where we started. I love it!

Artwork over bed

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