2 September 2015

World, meet Nemo

Our family has expanded. On Friday, we picked up our newest member: Nemo.

Nemo, our puppy.

We love this little guy. Nemo is a Pugapoo and weighs all of a few pounds right now. He was born on the same day we closed on our new house, which somehow seems really perfect. It's SO fun watching him learn everyday. We haven't even had him a week, and already he's completely different from the pup we picked up. He's getting so big and strong and smart! 

Nemo, our puppy.

The cats are...so/so on the whole thing. Jelly isn't too sure what to think and has spent a lot of time in the basement avoiding him, but she's starting to get braver and comes upstairs again. Peanut likes to watch him and plays "the floor is lava" in order to avoid him when she wants to. Other times, she meows so he chases her. I think it's a classic cat-dog relationship, and I hope Jelly will get there too. 

Here's to many new adventures and experiences with our new little buddy!

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