16 September 2015

Why we ditched cable and how we feel about it 3 months later

Minimalists we are not. Frugal, mindful of how we spend our resources, and keenly aware of what we consume, yes. So, when we started considering life in our new home and planning the move, we took a hard look at some of the "extras" we'd had in our old house. Cable television came out on top as something we really didn't need, or really even want. We cancelled it when we called to change our address with our TV and internet service provider, and instantly, it was gone. Just like that.

We'd planned for this. We subscribed to Netflix a few months before, and ramped up our internet service at the same time. We also have Shomi since our internet is with Rogers.

In the 3+ months since our TV went dark, so to speak, we really haven't missed it. Sometimes I miss the 6 o'clock news that I used to listen to while I made dinner, but that's really it. Netflix has more than enough to keep us entertained, and in case it's not enough, we can flip over to Shomi. A couple of months ago we bought an Apple TV to make streaming easier (previously we were using our old Playstation), and it comes with some of its own content as well. It's super easy to use, and for $89 I highly recommend it! We were not watching enough TV to justify the $70/month cable was eating up. Ditching it was the right choice for us. We don't want staring at the tube to be a mainstay in our lives, which is also why our TV will probably always be tucked in the corner rather than prominently hung on the wall.

For what it's worth, we also don't have a home phone. Aside from internet, we don't have in-home services at all and we don't want them.

This is our view now. This is what we gaze at out our front window every morning and where we spend our time. It's so much better than TV.

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